Monday, February 29, 2016

Some cool birding snaps- Nikon P900

A black drongo:

A humming bird perched nearby:
A pair of doves:


Mars-10 year old mintron video stacked in Feb 2016

I stacked an old Mintron video, processed in PIPP--> Castrator--> Autostakkert--> Picasa. The result is really good. Autostakkert is a by far better among the free  stacking softwares, easier to use than Registax 6.
That white cap on far right of Mars is the polar ice cap. Original grey scale image with artifical color added Picasa.

Jupiter and Jovian moons- Nikon P900 digicam without telescope

These snaps of Jupiter taken with Nikon P900 without the use of telescope:
Manual mode ISO 100, shutter 1/40 second, Here I stacked a video --> PIPP--> castrator--> Autostakkert-->picasa Then copy pasted a snap of the Jovian surface onto Jovian moon image
Here is an image of Jupiter Nikon P900, F 6.5, ISO 100, shutter 1/20 second. I copied a magnified version of the original image in Irfan view
Another image taken 27th feb 2016 same settings. This one a still snapshot. Minimum processing in Picasa

Moon in prime focus with Canon 700D and 8" Dobsonian

Some snaps with a 8" Skywatcher Dob + Canon 700D DSLR using focuser base of the 1.25" focuser directly hooked to Canon 700D in prime focus. These 2 snaps are from videos of the full moon --> PIPP--> Autostakkert--> picasa