Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some giant and super giant snaps of the moon:

Behold, lovely GIANT (large sized) snaps (astrophotos, photos), of the full moon at its best.
Click to view full size.
These 4 moon snaps are courtesy of Mr. Jan Timmermans an experienced astronomer from The Netherlands. You can view more of his snaps of the beauty of the night sky at:

Jan Timmermans N 51.363 E 5.4622 (Valkenswaard - The Netherlands)

For more great photographs of the moon: visit: or

Friday, November 27, 2009

Large image of Jupiter:

Click to view a giant (large) astrophotograph (snap) of Jupiter. This snap of Jupiter was taken by the Hubble space telescope. That oval reddish spot is the GRS or the Great Red Spot.

A nice snap of mars

This is a snap from the Hubble Space telescope. Those hill like structures are giant volcanoes on Mars.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A video recording of the sun's surface:

This is a really "cool" video of a "hot" object- the surface of the sun (our sun). Taken with a H-alpha filter fitted on to a telescope, you can see a red hot plume, the solar flare reaching outwards from the solar surface. Enjoy....

This is an actual video recording of a Pulsar:

This video recording shows a Pulsar. A pulsar is a neutron star that spins very rapidly, emitting streams of electromagnetic radiation, at regular intervals from a few milliseconds to 8 seconds. The pulsar can only be seen when the bursts of radiation reach us on earth during these regular intervals. Watch this video recording of a Pulsar...

Some nice astronomical videos:

I found this nice web site with lovely astronomy videos. This needs to be published. Just click on the heading, lean back and enjoy...

Here is a nice astronomical video that was taken using a telescope scanning the surface of the moon... The site is:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New impact of comet on Jupiter

A friend sent me this nice link, describing a new impact on Jupiter, by a large object, possibly a comet. The snaps taken by amateur astronomer Wesley, from Australia, show a large black spot the size of the earth on Jupiter's South polar region. See this link for more:

This astrophotograph by Wesley shows the black spot (arrows) in the upper right of Jupiter.
NASA and JPL scientists are still not sure about what it was that caused this massive earth sized scar on this giant planet, but are of the opinion that it might have been a large comet, that evaded their detection.
With all the attention of the world focused on the solar eclipse today (22nd July 2009), few, in the amateur astronomy world are aware of this interesting development.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moon photos of Feb 2009

Photograph of the moon through a Sony digicam
through Orion 4.5 inch reflector telescope. Note the irregularity of the left outer rim of the moon. These are lunar mountains or margins of craters pockmarking the lunar surface.

This is a close up of the moon using a high power lens on the telescope.